The Kwasha! Theatre Company is a collaborative project between the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Windybrow Arts Centre. The project aims to support the careers of recent performing arts graduates in South Africa.

Each year, emerging theatre makers are invited to an open audition process through which a small company of exciting young talents are identified. The company is supported by the collaborating partners with a framework and resources to create an exciting programme of new and dynamic theatre pieces over the course of a year.

‘Kwasha’ is an isiZulu interjection which, loosely translated, means ‘It’s on fire!’

As the fifth generation of Kwasha! We are committed to telling stories that are true to us as creatives and South Africa. We aim to create moments of joy, wonder and imagination through the transformative power of storytelling. Alongside this, we aim to consistently and persistently create work that provokes audience through content, genre, and style. We strive to accomplish this through a devotion to a playful attitude towards theatre making, fearlessly experimenting with new forms of storytelling.

In the spirit of collaboration, we offer our skills as a company, to other creatives, most notably to youth arts groups. Through this we aim to not just create beautiful work but to create sustainable futures for ourselves and pan African artists. We aspire to bring theatre back to live audiences, whilst utilising technology as both an artistic and marketing tool, allowing work to be recognised far and wide.

Finally, we commit ourselves to a full-throttle, courageous attitude in work and play

#SiyaKakhulu !

KwaSha The 5th

KwaSha The 5th

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