After School Programme

A cosmopolitan cultural space • potential for consensus and the recognition of otherness • collaborative working space • space for the development and facilitation of arts career trajectories • space for children and youth to experiment and grow • creativity is an act of courage • flexible space that allows for flows of information and ideas • space that bridges time and geography.



Our goal is to provide quality performing arts programmes in a safe dynamic space to inner city school-going children and youth to enrich their lives by developing emotional resilience and inspiring life journeys. It will root its work thematically, addressing current and relevant social issues that impact our participants and their communities. The programme is committed to using the arts as a tool for positive social change engaging ethical and best practise methodologies. We are based in Doornfontein, just south of one of the most diverse and most densely populated areas in Africa, Hillbrow.


  • Providing spaces for the children and youth of the neighbourhood to attend after school arts and culture activities;
  • Enriching our programme through alignment, connection with performances, events, exhibitions and workshops initiated and co-conceptualised by the Market Theatre, Market Photo Workshop and The Market Lab.
  • Developing an informed and critically engaged new audience for the arts.
  • Ensuring quality drama, dance, art, music programmes;
  • Creating platforms to showcase their performing skills and talents;
  • Giving children and youth the opportunity to develop their drama, art, dance and music skills, communication skills, self-confidence and their ability to work as part of a team:

To unleash the imagination;

To enrich their lives.

  • Encouraging the participants to investigate, discuss and debate about who we are, how we interact with each other and the world we live in;
  • Acting in the best interests of all its participants irrespective of race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, gender, class, sexual orientation, geographical location or language;
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